Happy For No Good Reason

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Track 1 - Self Inquiry

Investigate the thoughts and feelings in four of the seven chakras: the navel, the heart, the throat and the brow. This gives you an awareness of any tension and blocks you may be carrying and also puts you in touch with expanded and uplifting feelings. Purchase the book Happy For No Good Reason online at The Ashram Book Shop.

Track 2 - Healing Meditation

Deepen your self-inquiry practice by doing the healing meditation. You return to the four chakras with a view towards acceptance, love and peace.  At the end you can find the best feeling and focus on it for the rest of the meditation. Purchase Swami Shankarananda's guide to meditation, Happy for No Good Reason at www.theashram.com.au or purchase it in person and visit the Ashram in Mount Eliza, VIC, Australia.

Track 3 - Japa

The mind is "many-pointed," like the spikes of a porcupine's coat. Your job is to focus the mind, to make it one-pointed, and to eliminate obtrusive thoughts. When you repeat the mantra watch your reactions. There will be a never-ending flow of thoughts and feelings. Watch them, and keep repeating the mantra. Purchase the book Happy For No Good Reason at The Ashram Book Shop.

You can take Swami Shankarananda's online Learn to Meditate course which accompanies these meditation audio tracks here.

Track 4 - Tamboura Meditation Music

Japa is the practice of silent mantra repetition either during or outside of meditation. The mantra is a wonderful means of cultivating and strengthening the mind. There are many times in a day when your mind may tend towards negativity or worry, it is at such times that japa can be practised. Purchase the book Happy For No Good Reason and CD online at Th Ashram Book Shop.

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